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Interstas Announces the 2024 International Days of Tourism, Tourist Film and Landscape Events

Interstas Announces the 2024 International Days of Tourism, Tourist Film and Landscape Events - TRAVELINDEX - VISITSOLINSolin, Croatia, December 28, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / With the best wishes for the upcoming holidays and in the new year 2024, we announce the next manifestation; SC IFT’2024 – INTERNATIONAL DAYS OF TOURISM, TOURIST FILM, LANDSCAPE, and on this occasion we congratulate the Laureates 2023, winners of the prestigious international awards for tourism, tourist promotional film, eco, landscape, sustainable development, presented at the last event SC IFT2023 held in Solin, Croatia.

– On the 26th.ITF’CRO/International Tourism Film Festival, one of the oldest and most prestigious world festivals in this domain, from as many as 147 countries around the world, registered a record 406tourist films / videos. 27 th authors, producers, from 11 countries of the world were awarded /France, Croatia, India, Indonesia,Maldives, Mexico, China, Philippines, Thailand, Serbia, Great Britain/, and presented; 19 awards, 6 author’s degrees, 1. national award Baldo Čupić, 1st GrandPrix ITF’CRO.

– At the 30th INTERSTAS/International Tourism Festival, in three different categories; SPECIAL MENTION INTERSTAS,CHARTER A. CONTE, GOLDEN INTERSTAS, from 39 countries of the world /Asia 13, North America 4, Europe 17, South America 5/ 126 were registered. individuals, organizations. The international commission of tourism journalists and writers– the ICTY, nominated 52,000 of them. By the decision of the Council and the Directory of the manifestation, with the awarding of the 1st Posthumous and 9th Special Certificates of Thanks on the occasion of the jubilee 30th INTERSTAS, 32 Laureates were selected, and presented 21 individual and 11 collective awards.

I would like to thank the inquiries for participation in the next SC IFT2024, which are already coming to us from the country and the world, from tourist boards, Tour operators, organizations, authors, producers of tourist promotional films, international line partners, especially members of UNWTO, FIJET, ITCO, CiB. This marks the beginning of the preparations of the SC IFT2024, three international events; – Thirty-one. INTESTAS/International Tourism Festival, – 27th ITF’CRO /International Tourism Film Festival, – 22nd KEA-CRO /Floral, landscape competition for the International Golden Flower and special award “Lucija”. All three events are planned to take place on November 13, 14 and 15, 2024.

The mission of the event, this internationally affirmed marketing-promotional project of excellence for tourism, tourist film, landscape, is to continuously contribute to the intensification of international passenger traffic, raising local and international awareness, attracting the interest of tourism professionals, producers, authors of tourist / promotional films, wide audience. The project is excellently followed by the worldwide media and online partners Travelindex Group, Touristica International. It gives the opportunity to reach the widest audience with more than 100,000,000 views of all continents.

The platform is aimed at highlighting the best in this domain, presenting tourism activity, tourist promotional film production, authors, Laureates. Encouraging the importance of the blue and green continents, the fundamental goal of the project is to present and valorize the entire spectrum of richness of values and diversity in tourism, culture,… at the local, regional, national level. Emphasizing the values of Croatian tourism, the emphasis on local and county peculiarities, the distribution of international tourist, tourist / film, floral / landscape awards for top excellence, individuals, institutions, communities, which through creativity in various ways contribute to tourism.